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rapid Workday IMPLEMENTATION & ongoing ADOPTION

Ignite: Enabling SMBs to tap into the full potential of Workday

Welcome a world where processes are streamlined, decision-making is driven by data, and your workforce is actively engaged.

Iluminate your Business Potential

Recognizing the dynamic needs of small and medium-sized businesses, Workday's suite is now more accessible than ever.

In a world where tomorrow's success is shaped by today's decisions, BNB Ignite emerges as your navigator towards a future of unparalleled achievement. With BNB’s innovative AI approach to Workday implementation and adoption, we're not just changing how you work; we're revolutionizing what you can achieve.

Rapid Deployment and Continuous Evolution in Your Workday Implementation

A Partnership Sculpted for Your Success

Transformative Journeys, Tailored to Your Aspirations

Imagine Workday deployment not as a lengthy journey, but as a swift expedition to new heights. BNB Ignite accelerates this journey, turning months into 4 weeks, ensuring that your business doesn’t just keep pace but sets the pace in a competitive landscape.

This rapid deployment unlocks a myriad of opportunities – faster decision-making, quicker adaptation to market changes, and immediate enhancement of operational efficiencies.

Every business has a unique story, a distinct path it seeks to travel. BNB Ignitel istens, understands, and customizes your Workday journey to align with your vision.

We craft experiences that go beyond mere implementation, experiences that weave technology into the fabric of your enterprise, driving growth, innovation, and a competitive edge.

Effortless Speed,


With Workday you’re not just adopting a leading-edge enterprise solution; you’re embracing a pathway to a future where your business thrives, leads, and defines success on its own terms.

We’re not a mere provider;we are a partner sculpted for your success. We’re the bridge enablers between your business today and your vision for tomorrow.

Continuous Evolution,

An ongoing Journey

But the story doesn't end at deployment, Workday evolves with you with BNBIgnite. It's a continuous cycle of growth, adaptation, and improvement.

Through ongoing support and AI-driven insights, your Workday system is not just maintained; it's enhanced and fine-tuned to match the rhythm of your evolving business needs.

BNB Ignite is not just a Workday implementation service; it's a beacon guiding your organization through the complexities of digital transformation.

BNB Ignite Methodology

The BNB Ignite methodology offers a streamlined deployment of Workday with best practices and ongoing support post-Go Live for continuous development and evolution of the platform.


The BNB Ignite methodology offers a streamlined, best-practice deployment of Workday, complete with virtual support tools and AI powered BNB Solutions for outstanding results.


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Expert Guidence Powered by AI
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Our methodology is designed to maximize Workday's potential by guiding organizations through post-live phases with expert adoption services, ensuring seamless integration into daily operations for immediate value and benefit realization from day one.

Unique Solutions

Driven by BNB's Accelerators

Optimizes data loading and validation, reducing load time by 80%, improving data quality by 36%, and decreasing transformation issues by 85%.

BNB Limay

We merge human expertise with advanced AI to offer you the best of both worlds. Our experienced professionals bring a personalized touch to your Workday journey, enhanced by cutting-edge AI.

This unique blend ensures an intelligent, tailored approach to your Workday HCM deployment, perfectly in line with BNB's philosophy of ‘think human work digital’

Leverages generative AI for custom Workday configurations, providing industry-specific solutions when off-the-shelf options fall short.



Offers a proprietary solution catalog for rapid deployment of key functionalities, such as the Global Payroll Report, customized to client requirements.

BNB Medici

BNB Command


Uses AI to monitor best practice adoption, offering automated, data-driven recommendations for enhancements and corrective actions.

Tech Background Purple of Waves

Abstracting Complexity, Embracing Clarity

A new era of efficiency and growth to businesses, catering specifically to organizations with 250- 1,000 employees. BNB Ignite offers rapid deployment, continuous support, and effortless scalability, all underpinned by the Workday technology platform.

Ignite is designed to elevate your Workday operational capabilities and propel your business into a future of success and innovation. Let us be your catalyst for achieving operational excellence and steering your business on a path of continuous advancement.

It’s not just a Workday implementation service; it's a beacon guiding your organization through the complexities of digital transformation. Our service shines a light on the path to enhanced efficiency, empowering your teams with the tools they need to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Why is Ignite your best option?

Illuminate your path to your business success with a partner that guides, supports, and grows with you. Revolutionize Your Workday Experience!

Streamlined Process

Our proven AI approach guarantees a quick and effective Workday HCM deployment.

Adaptability and Support

Benefit from our flexible, 100% virtual support model, offering efficiency and a client-focused approach to data management.

Continued Excellence Post-Launch

Gain extensive post-deployment support, including 12 weeks of expert assistance and personalized office hour appointments.

Connect with BNB experts to explore how Workday and Ignite can revolutionize your business.

Welcome a world where processes are streamlined, decision-making is driven by data, and your workforce is actively engaged.

For questions, technical assistance, or collaboration opportunities

We are a consulting company and Workday Specialist which enhances the integration of technology into companies through a professional team and a unique way of doing business based on understanding and closeness. In other words, we love making things work between tech and people.

We collaborate with our customers around the world, with special reach in Europe and America, based on our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Milano, Paris, London, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Our team is composed of seasoned resources with long experience in HCM and Financial implementations.

Our services ensure high quality and value throughout the life cycle of the integrated system, from its initial phase up to its implementation and adoption, we know how to guide Customers through their digital transformation to drive your business forward.

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